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The Swanage Army Link is a dynamic association that has evolved over nearly 30 years between the Swanage Railway, the British Army, the People of Swanage and the Royal British Legion.

Regular ongoing visits by the Royal Corps of Signals soldiers are core to this Link, as is Team Herston, formed in 2007, bringing together local residents and ex soldiers who work regularly on our core project – the upkeep of Herston Halt.

More recently we have been proud to welcome Heroes Haven into the fold.

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Olympic Links

There are so many other sites and people that have provided pictures and links to the Olympic Torch both in Swanage and Purbeck in general as well as other nationwide stories that we have listed them here.


This is a link from the BBC showing Lynne Connor's parade through Preston. Lynne's handover & run is around the 10:06 martk and it arrives in Winfrith around 10:35.





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Olympic Torch bearers & Half-marathon

The Torchbearers

I am not too sure what mechanism was used by which the Torchbearers were chosen for each of the legs, but what is clear is that each of them were very worthy people. On Day 56 of the route there were a total of twelve carrying it through Swanage. Five of those are directly associated with Swanage:

Lynne Connor

 Marion Marchant

 Alan Power

 Frank Roberts

 Roger Wilcox


 As not all of us were privileged to run through Swanage, we decided to meet in Swanage for midday on Saturday 14 July, and we were proud to support local hero Charlie Allan as he completed the gruelling Swanage Half Marathon. Also running were 100 soldiers from 3(Harrogate) Squadron, Royal Signals from Blandford Camp.

As the prize giving for the runners concluded many of those present were able to be part of a photograph on the seafront, including four soldiers who completed the course in full combats and carrying 30Kg.4 Soldiers carried 30kg bergens on the half-marathon

Lynn & Frank then took the torch on the steam train to Corfe to allow more of the visitors and residents alike to see and to hold the torch.

One of these was 90-year old Chris Furmage. She was 90 on Friday 13th and has been housebound for some years so Lynn & Frank took the torch to her at her home after her son requested it.90 Year Old Chris Furnage


Olympic torch

 Friday 13th What a fantastic day!

Friday the 13th may be unlucky for some, but few in Swanage would have noticed. The town was braced for the arrival of the Torch which had been in Weymouth overnight and came our way via Preston, Winfrith Newburgh and Corfe Castle. With flags flying of every lamppost in Herston, the Torch made haste from Herston Middle School for its 2 mile stint, down the A351 (Victoria Avenue), to the High Street and back the School.

Look through our site for photos and various links including to BBC Radio Solent, the BBC Torch-Cam and Youtube videos


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Profile of an Olympic Torchbearer

Frank Roberts (The Army Link – Swanage)

Eight thousand people were chosen from thousands more nominations to carry the Olympic flame throughout the British Isles and Frank Roberts was one of those.

Read more: Profile of an Olympic Torchbearer

The Olympic Flame - Swanage on Fri 13 Jul

Lynne Connor (wife of Team Herston Des), and I, will be honoured to carry the flame on that day in Dorset, as will Rifleman Jack Otter who was the inspiration for Heroes Haven – Swanage which recently opened.  You may know the background to this project (which can be seen on the Heroes Haven website) but having set themselves a target of around £80,000, the fundraisers have now raised in the region of £230,000! Taking the flame bit a stage further, at least five good souls associated with Heroes Haven are carrying the Olympic Torch; Austin Reynolds who supplied signs for Herston Halt in 2009, and the 300 free yellow Haven flags last year at the end of my 633 mile South West Coastal Path (SWCP) walk on 25 June 2011, will carry it in Greenwich. Then there is Alan Rowe MBE who is the drive behind the The Baton, which I carried round the SWCP will also ensure the flame gets on its way to London. Are there any more?

You can watch video of the opening of Heroes Haven on the BFBS site here

In my plan someone has also inserted on the next day (Sat 14 Jul 2012 which is also a  Team Herston Day), run the Swanage Half Marathon with most of 3 (Harrogate) Sqn.  It is likely that anyone who is associated with Swanage and the Heroes Haven who did carry the torch the previous day will walk the last 300m of the Half Marathon Route along Shore Road in Swanage (but I HAVE NOT yet sought permission to do this from the Carnival Committee).  In the afternoon/evening I hope to be with friends either in The Globe or at home for a BBQ, or both (TBC).

The Olympic flame will come by road to Swanage, having been carried in Corfe Castle; it then will be carried from Swanage Middle School starting at 12:24 Although the direction is not clear, because the roads are one way in Swanage, the route must be past the end of Ancaster Road, along Victoria Ave, Shore Rd, High St and then back to Swanage Middle School.  The Torch will then go by Road to Stoborough and will be carried from 14:21 through to Wareham.

As mentioned above, I hope a few friends will be around on the Fri, and also into Sat.  If I’m running the Half Marathon, I will save most of my beer for Sat evening – be warned!

Please do get in touch if you would like to be part on another fantastic day in our beloved Swanage.  Please do forward this information if you would like to.



  • Olympic Galleries

    Below are a list of various galleries of pictures taken during the weekend of 13th-15th July 2012 in Swanage.

    The weekend was pretty hectic and there were hundreds of pictures taken by various people in both Swanage and Corfe Castle as well as the Swanage half-marathon on Saturday, including the prize presentations.

    If you were snapped holding the torch, you should find yourself under the 'People' gallery. If you would like a higher quality version of a picture you are in, contact us via the 'contacts' page and we will send you a copy.



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